I coach anyone who is motivated and wants to improve. Some prior running experience is desirable but not essential.

I have had success coaching males and females from young athletes to veteran athletes in a wide range of events from Marathon to 800m, steeplechase and obstacle course race.


The Marathon Runner

Working with Damian has been fantastic and my running has improved massively over the last 6 months whilst having him as my coach. I have followed various training plans in the past and these have always left me feeling tired or not hitting my peak. Thanks to Damian’s tailored plans, I feel like my training is at an optimal level and can fit around all of my other commitments too. The sessions are also fun and varied. Damian is always quick to respond with any questions I have and clearly knows his stuff. I’ve hit all my goals from 1500m through to the Marathon and don’t think I would have made huge leaps in each otherwise.

The main focus of the training was the London Marathon in October improving from 2.55 to 2.41- a 14min PB shows how much I benefitted! The plan left me feeling at my peak, confident and ready for race day. We also went through in detail a strategy for pacing and nutrition so I had a clear plan ready to execute!

Jack, 31

The Masters track athlete

Damian welcomed me into his group with open arms following a recent move into the area. I found his sessions very structured and tailored to the specific needs of his athletes. As a V45 female track runner (who’s been training for over 35 years), a solid warm up is key before any training session to avoid injury. Damian ensured drills and plyometrics were performed before each session. This helped me to build strength and flexibility which improved my training times. Above all, Damian’s sessions are enjoyable. He also understands and offers excellent master athlete advice and guidance

Suzanne, 45

The Ex-Gaelic Footballer

I teamed up with Damian looking to progress from a ‘keep-fit’ type runner to a more serious athlete and regain a passion for competition that waned a little in my late twenties. After 16 months working with him I have managed just that. I have have shaved just over 1 and 2 minutes off my 5 km and 10km times respectively and I’m looking to make more gains in the coming months across a range of disciplines including track and cross-country. Damian has a vast experience in the game and puts a training structure in place that suits my lifestyle and goals. I have found his passion for the sport infectious and have thoroughly enjoyed working with him to date.

 Michaeal, 31

The Marathon Runner

I’ve had my first child since starting to work with Damian. He’s tailored training and advice to suit my new lifestyle and tight time constraints. And been wonderfully supportive and understanding. No doubt he’s got the best out of me in the circumstances; I’ve managed PBs in 5k, 10k, and Marathon most recently bringing my time down from 2:50 to 2:42.

Adam, 38

The Obstacle Course Racer

After dabbling around with the “one size fits all” online coaching world, I decided it was time for a change. Joining up with Damian has been a great decision. With my races being anything from a 2km steeplechase to a 4hr OCR, I needed guidance and tapering on a professional level. Weekly chats and adjustments to how I feel has left me feeling fresher and ready for each race I come in to.. With the trust in Damian’s plans, it allows me to just concentrate on getting training done, knowing I’m on the right path and also making the most of my time.

Declan, 43

The Seasoned Campaigner

This is my second block of training with Damian. The first block was to assist me with my return to running/rehabilitation from a chronic injury (Achilles).  I had this injury for 3 years with a period of 18 months with no running at all. Damian put together a return to running programme over a 6 month period, introducing running, the importance of rest days, cross training, strength and conditioning exercises, plyometrics not only focusing on the injury but also the whole bio mechanics to ensure i was running stronger.  My plan was reviewed on a weekly basis and Damian was always available should i have any questions. By having this structured return to running it brought a gradual increase in my training/loading of injury, Damian reigned in my tendency to over train/ over do the rehab, return to running/racing too quickly. I am so thankful this is the longest period I have had in years without an injury.

Nathan, 52

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